10 October

3 weeks of vacation, weather being too hot and just some less time and drive to go. Then it takes some time before some things get done and also before it apears on the website (And the english version took even longer.)

The most important news is that a friend of mine started work on the body. No I am not doing that my self. I wanted to but this friend of mine concidered it a challenge. He is car painter (what the correct job-title) and he had only one condition. "I'll do all the pre-work myself" he said. If you make a sloppy job and I paint the car they will all say: "nice paint but the car isn't straight" (ha, with a Cobra!). But OK, Fine with me (Great actually)

To get to work we needed to lower the body buck: Nothing that a saw can't fix.

Click Here for more pictures of the whole exercise.

Oh. the nice things you can do with a broken-case Ford AOD. Makes for a great lamp post ;-)
And as we were having fun anyway" Quickly mounted the headlight to get an idea, Looks nice doesn't it...