17 July 2004

Ages after the last update. People started complaining there were no updates; That's GOOD. people actually watch these pages ;-)

Progress? Yes some but as most of the times every now and then you spent loads of time but the effort does not so much show in the visial progress. Here some of the 'time eaters'

Bsttaery box
Battery hold under the rear floor Dropped footbox passenger side (Earls) 2 Inch drop and extra space to right (see lines) Power switch in the panel between the seats
Moved the handbrake to the top of the transmission tunnel Wiring. Just take one at the time and get rid of what you don't need and after a while.... Captured in one shot: The new FFR hoodhinde and a new 130Amp Alternator.
Yes, Big help!
Earls (again) powered footbox vents Dash being set-up. Most of the witing behind it is alreadu cleaned up but you can not see that... Help?


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De FFR 65 Mk II Roadster.
Klik hier om de Factory Five Racing (FFR) website te bezoeken.

Hieronder een plaatje van de roadster van de FFR website

Factory Five 65 MkII Roadster

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